Quality Improvement

This section will cover activities that use the I-DSD/I-CAH/I-TS Registries for improvement of the quality of care of people with these conditions. A number of studies that have been performed using data from the registries can be used to directly improve care by understanding the reasons for variation and providing feedback to individual centres through individualised centre-specific reports.  To increase the focus on care quality improvement (CQI), the I-DSD/I-CAH/I-TS Steering Committee is pleased to announce the creation of a new committee for CQI and which will be led and represented on the Steering Committee by Justin Davies (Southampton) from January 2021. The members of the CQIC include the following.

Justin Davies (Chair)Southampton Children’s Hospital, University Hospital Southampton, UK
Michele O’ConnellThe Royal Children’s Hospital & Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Faisal AhmedOffice for Rare Conditions, University of Glasgow, UK
Salma AliDevelopmental Endocrinology Research Group, University of Glasgow, UK
Navoda AtapattuLady Ridgeway Hospital, Cololmbo, Sri Lanka
Marion RappKinderzentrum Pelzerhaken, Holstein, Germany
David SandbergChild Health Evaluation and Research Center, Ann Arbor, USA
Margarett ShnorhavorianSeattle Children’s Hospital, USA
Jillian BryceI-DSD/I-CAH Project Manager, Glasgow