Scientific Panel

The Panel consists of the project staff at the Office for Rare Conditions in Glasgow and External Members who serve on the Panel for 3 years (plus 1 optional).  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Panel get in touch.

Hedi ClaahsenChair, Nijmegen2022
Faisal AhmedProject Lead, Office for Rare Conditions, GlasgowNA
Salma AliClinical Research Fellow, Office for Rare Conditions, Glasgow2022
Manuela BrösamlePatient Representative, Germany2022
Nadine HornigNon-clinical Researcher, Kiel2022
Nils KroneClinical Researcher, Sheffield2022
Anna Nordenström Steering Committee Chair, Stockholm,2022
Sandosh PadmanabhanStatistical oversight, University of Glasgow2023
Jeremy TomlinsonClinical Researcher, Oxford2023
Janielle van der VeldenClinical Researcher, Nijmegen2024
Jillian BryceProject Manager, Office for Rare Conditions, GlasgowNA

Scientific Panel members’ area